New Version of the TFS Checkin Validation Tool Released

Earlier today, I released a new version of the TFS Checkin Validation Tool (aka Buddy Build Tool). The version addresses a few bugs and introduces a new UI space-saving feature.

For more details on the release and to download the installation programs, visit the following page:

Background: What is the "Buddy Build" tool?

The "Buddy Build" tool is a tool I originally wrote for an internal group at Microsoft as they were moving to adopt TFS and Team Build. With the help of that group and the great feedback the team members provided, the tool grew and a lot of useful features were added. Other features were also suggested by folks from 3 other internal teams that use the tool. Later on, after the TFS 2010 gated-checkin and buddy build features were announced, I thought that releasing the tool with the source code to external customers that might be interested in having similar functionality available in Visual Studio 2008 and with Team Build 2008. And with the encouragement and feedback from Buck Hodges, the TFS dev manager, I was able to release the tool on Microsoft's open source repository CodePlex. Brian Harry and Buck were the first to introduce the tool on their respective blogs:

Brian's blog post:

Buck's blog post:

Even though I have left Microsoft, I am still committing time to fixing bugs in the tool and making improvements as time permits especailly that there are some folks still using it as part of their daily job. As soon as TFS 2010 ships, the gated-checkin and buddy build features as well as the build agent pooling features will deem this tool obsolete. I would really suggest that you check out the features available in the Beta 1:


Brian Harry has posted many blog entries on TFS 2010. He is the authoritative voice, so you might want to keep an eye on his blog. Here's one of the posts:

I might sound biased, but when VSTS 2010 and TFS 2010 ship, moving to them will prove to be well worth the cost.

Who Needs Pre-checkin Validation? We Are Fine the Way We Are...

I often hear this from developers, and this is due to several reasons. I will address this in a future blog post.

Meanwhile, enjoy the new version of the tool, and please feel free to provide feedback on the project's discussion forum.

Published 08-23-2009 10:05 PM by Mohammad Jalloul
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